Element of Crime: Weisses Papier

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Sven Regener is a brilliant singer, song writer and novelist.


Tea Party: Walking Wounded

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Such a beautiful song.

Trentemøller:Miss You

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Someone on youtube said that it was amazing how much emotion you can get out of a machine. I absolutely concur. Amazing Danish electronic music. His new single Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go !!! is just out this December.

Anders Trentemøller’s homepage.

Sisters of Mercy: Temple of Love

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This is not such a good version, the old one without the female voice was much better but then again…

Red Riding Hood (2011) Movie Featuring Fever Ray’s Music

•November 25, 2010 • 3 Comments

Fever Ray wrote the music for the upcoming movie Red Riding Hood starring Gary Oldman and Amanda Seyfried.

Fever Ray: When I Grow Up

•November 25, 2010 • 1 Comment

Karin Dreijer Andersson’s voice reminds me a little bit of Björk but she is much smoother. The least you can say about her music is that it is interesting. I like it a lot. Like a cool breeze with the smell of earth mixed in. She made the music to the upcoming movie Red Riding Hood.

Have a look at her great website.

VNV Nation: Legion

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Such a fantastic Goth Band. One of the best.